When snobbery consists only of the admiring look upward and not of the contemptuous look downward, one need not be hard on it. A laugh—no unfriendly laugh—is the worst that it deserves. After all, this kind of snobbery is half of it mere romance.

- Letters of C. S. Lewis
All theology of the liberal type involves at some point—and often involves throughout—the claim that the real behaviour and purpose and teaching of Christ came very rapidly to be misunderstood and misrepresented by His followers, and has been recovered or exhumed only by modern scholars. [. . .] This daily confirms my suspicion of the same approach to Plato or the New Testament. The idea that any man or writer should be opaque to those who lived in the same culture, spoke the same language, shared the same habitual imagery and unconscious assumptions, and yet be transparent to those who have none of these advantages, is in my opinion preposterous. There is an a priori improbability in it which almost no argument and no evidence could counterbalance.

- Christian Reflections